“Great gloves!” He describes 75% reduction of his hand pain and numbness after wearing Qwi™ Motorcycle Gloves.
Thomas B. from Wilmington, DE

“Great gloves. Good quality. Numbness decreases.”
Joseph R. from Massapequa, NY

“Overall design is functional and has relieved my finger numbness >75%.” He estimates that his hand pain was also reduced by 75% after wearing Qwi™ Motorcycle
O. H. from Paducah, KY

“Really cut down on my numbness in fingers. Very beneficial on longer rides.” He reports 95% reduction of his hand pain and numbness after wearing Qwi™ Motorcycle
Tim C. from Arlington, WA

“Great gloves. The feel is very natural and comfortable.” He estimates he had 75% reduction of his hand numbness after wearing Qwi™ Motorcycle Gloves.
David S. from Wellsboro, PA

Dennis comments that he experienced 90% improvement in his hand pain and numbness after wearing Qwi™ Motorcycle Gloves.
Dennis G. from Carlonear, Canada

Dan estimates that his hand pain decreased 75% and his hand numbness decreased 85% after wearing Qwi™ Motorcycle Gloves.
Dan H. from Pittsford, NY

“Excellent great glove for the money,” says Andrew about his full finger Qwi™ Motorcycle Gloves. He estimates that his hand numbness decreased 50% when riding with
Qwi™ Motorcycle Gloves.
Andrew S. from Sheboygan, WI

“They provide the only relief I have found for numbness.” He estimates that he experiences 50% pain reduction and 80% numbness reduction when wearing Qwi™
Motorcycle Gloves.
James A. from Charlestown, IN

“On Tuesday, July 4th, my husband and I purchased pairs of your Motorcycle gloves.  We both had been talking about needing new gloves and my list of ‘things to buy’
was long and right on top was NEW Gloves.  We checked out several booths at the Wing Ding, but came back to yours for the purchase.  We were very impressed with
your product information and couldn’t wait to try them out.
The gloves are outstanding and very comfortable.
We departed Nashville at 8 am on Thursday the 6th of July heading for home…1300 miles later…(approximately 7 miles from home) a Chevy Suburban pulled out in front
of us and stopped across both lanes of traffic…My husband did his best to keep us upright, but was unable to avoid putting the bike down in a ditch…luckily he was able
to miss the driver side rear end of the suburban…
I’ve attached a couple of photos of the accident and of his gloves to show you how well they protected his hands while try to keep the bike from doing anymore damage to
our bodies.  He has minimal scrapes and abrasions on his hands and as you can see by the photos that his gloves took the brunt of the skid which was about 20-30ft (it
happened so fast!).
We are hoping that the other vehicle’s insurance will pay for him a new pair of gloves as he said at our lunch stop just before the accident that he really liked them as they
were very comfortable gripping the handle grips on the long trip home…
I realize the gloves are meant to help nerve protection, but I wanted you to know that they helped save his hands….(in case you are wondering…my hands didn’t touch the
ground, but if they had, I am sure your gloves would have protected me from serious damage).  Thank you for making such an outstanding product.”
Tammera (Tammy) S. from Millstadt, IL

“Got my gloves yesterday and rode for 5 hours – it was like going to therapy, my hands and fingers have not felt better in months!”
Tom K. from Milwaukee, WI

“I have waited a long time before writing this letter. I feel that a meaningful evaluation takes time. I have ridden about 2,500 miles using your gloves (full finger Qwi™
Motorcycle Gloves) and I can confidently say that they performed very well. I have ridden both in city and highway traffic and there is a definite improvement in hand comfort.
Thank you for a fine product. It shows that your research has paid off.”
Robert B. from Ozone Park, NY

“I bought a pair of your Qwi™ Motorcycle Gloves at Wing Ding in Nashville, TN. After Wing Ding, we rode from Nashville to Kansas and then back home to Louisiana. I
wish I could say that your gloves eliminated my throttle hand numbness 100%, but I can’t. However, it was probably at least 90% effective, with numbness being felt only
two or three times during the remainder of the trip instead of almost continuously as with the regular bike gloves I had. They are a pleasure to wear and are the most
comfortable bike gloves I have ever owned.”
Gary C. from Lafayette, LA

“They are great!” He experienced 90% reduction in his hand pain and 90% reduction in his hand numbness after wearing Qwi™ Motorcycle Gloves in the full finger version
and the partial finger version with the spandex top and leather palm.
Mike G. from Bowling Green, KY

“I am very satisfied with my gloves (Qwi™ Motorcycle Gloves). I still cannot believe they work as well as they do. My hands do not go totally numb anymore. Thank you very
Barbara S. from Gonzales, LA

“Great gloves (Qwi™ Motorcycle Gloves, partial finger with spandex top). Symptoms on my left hand were almost eliminated and on my right hand by 50%. It seems like
the longer I ride the better they work. I must try the full finger insulated gloves this fall.”
James A. from Charlestown, IN

“I recently made the journey from Gainesville, Fl to Sturgis, SD this year wearing a pair of your spandex backed full-fingered motorcycle gloves. Historically, I have had an
issue with my hands when I ride. Typically, after 15 to 20 minutes of riding, some of my fingers will begin to tingle and after a few more minutes, my grip must be shifted to
prevent numbness.
I have tried multiple types of gloves with varying degrees of success, from none to very little. About two months ago I purchased a pair of your gloves after seeing them
described in a motorcycle magazine. I was pleasantly surprised when I found that riding around town produced no tingling whatsoever. The big test was the ride to Sturgis
and back. To say that the gloves worked as advertised would be an understatement!! I rode in every weather/road condition but snow for at least 10 hours a day, at an
average speed of 70 MPH. At no time did I experience any tingling, so numbness was never an issue. After some 4,500 miles, the only issue with the gloves is a half-inch
length of stitching on one finger that has come undone. I would say that you are marketing a superior product. These gloves took everything they were handed in stride. As
a matter of fact, the spandex gloves dried very quickly after being soaked completely through in driving rain, a secondary benefit. The survey that was sent out indicated
that double stitching might be considered in the future, which would take care of the seam coming undone.”
Jeff D. from Gainesville, FL

“Great gloves. Wish I found them years ago.” He experienced 75% reduction in his hand pain and 80% reduction in numbness after wearing Qwi™ Motorcycle Gloves.
Adrian A. from Chicago, IL

“I have some arthritis in my hands which is helped with your gloves.” He reports 50% less hand pain and 50% less hand numbness after wearing Qwi™ Motorcycle
Bob J. from Austin, TX

“My gloves (Full Finger, Extended Cuff Motorcycle Gloves) make a BIG difference in my riding experience. Great product that should be in all dealerships.”
Thomas C. from Marietta, GA

“Bought a pair of your gloves at the Galveston Rally last November. I’ve had problems with my hands for 30 years. Haven’t had a bit of trouble since I bought these last
November. Haven’t ridden 1 time without them. I love these things. I sell your gloves to everybody that I talk to. Thanks for developing a GREAT product.”
Tom H. from Baytown, TX

“This past summer at the South Sturgis Motorcycle Rally I purchased a pair of your FMNC-001-BLK-XL (Full Finger/No Cuff Motorcycle Gloves, size XL) motorcycle gloves,
which I absolutely love. I recently bought another bike and want to purchase a second pair for it, as well as get a pair for winter riding. Thanks again for your awesome
products and your excellent customer service.”
Ed R. from Baton Rouge, LA

“I want to thank you for the outstanding customer service I have received from your company. Qwi has been one of the friendliest, most hassle-free companies I have ever
dealt with; and I appreciate the extremely fast service in exchanging my gloves in time for my trip. I got a chance to try my gloves out this past weekend – they help a great
deal! They made a huge difference in hand fatigue and numbness! I appreciate the superior product and service! I plan to recommend this product to all of my fellow
motorcycling enthusiasts (which are numerous), as well as purchasing further products myself in the future! Thanks again!
James M. from Fredericksburg, VA

“Bought a pair (of Qwi Motorcycle Gloves) and all I can say is thank you….no more numbness in hands and what a pleasure to take a long ride….live in Las Vegas so it’s
very hot….bought full finger gloves and looking forward to any new products. Keep making these great products.
Jeff J. from Las Vegas, NV

“The gloves (Qwi Motorcycle Gloves) are great! Well built and very comfortable!”
Steve M. from Ellensburg, WA

“Thank you for a great product. I just did 4900 miles in 15 days and my hands appreciated the Qwi Gloves.”
Kenneth G. from Columbus, OH

“I purchased a pair of your gloves (Qwi Motorcycle Gloves) at the BMW rally in WI this past July, put 3000 miles on them and they absolutely work! In the past I experienced
numbness and fatigue and have experienced numbness in my right thumb for months after extended riding but not this summer. Thanks.”
Brian H. from Bay Village, OH

“I bought a pair of perforated back, fingerless (motorcycle) gloves at the Goldwing event in Nashville this weekend. I rode 350 miles on Sunday and my numbness and
tingling symptoms were reduced by 90%. Wonderful product!! I am so happy that I finally have found a solution for this long-term problem that plagues me every time I
Dave C. from McDonough, GA

“Thanks Lori (a Qwi Team Member) for your excellent service and Customer Care. It does not go un-noticed and I shall certainly tell my fellow riders about your wonderful
product and 1st class service.”
Gary S. from Melbourne, Australia

“I love my ½ finger Qwi spandex nerve protector gloves for my motorcycle. I won’t drive anywhere without them. They have done a miraculous job of reducing hand pain
and fatigue. Thanks for inventing them.”
Karl K. from Cookeville, TN

“Received the gloves (Full Finger Perforated Top Qwi Motorcycle Gloves) today and took them out for a spin and all I can say is, these should be standard issue with all
motorcycles. My hands felt great and did not go to sleep in about 10 minutes like they used to. I will be highly recommending the gloves to all of my friends and will also be
purchasing some more later for my own use. Thanks for a great product…keep up the good work.”
Randy R. from Watauga, TX

“Have been using your gloves (Qwi Motorcycle Gloves) for some time. Love them!! Now I’m buying them as Christmas gifts for my riding buddies.”
Larry C. from Moore, SC

“I bought a pair of gloves (Qwi Motorcycle Gloves, Full Finger/No Cuff style) at the Nashville rally in September. I was able to drive my motorcycle without using the cruise
and really got to enjoy the ride. I use these every time I drive my bike. It was the best money I ever spent on gloves to drive with as I do have carpal tunnel syndrome and
with your gloves I am able to drive my wing (Goldwing).”
Kathy D. from Bonfield, IL

“I have recently purchased a pair of your Gwi Full Finger Motorcycle Gloves due to the handlebar vibration I was experiencing on my bike.  My motorcycle has a rigid mount
engine as have many new cruising bikes, which meant that vibration from the engine is transmitted through the frame, up the handlebars and ultimately into my fingers
and hands.  After about 45 minutes of highway riding my hands were numb and when I continued to ride past this point my hands actually became quite sore and painful,
often with the pain persisting for a couple of days afterwards. I did a lot of research on the internet seeking products that would address the vibration issue, but I wasn't
comfortable with purchasing products that had the potential to void my bike's warranty.  After I discovered your web site through an article in a bike magazine here in
Australia I decided to purchase a set of your (full finger with a perforated back) gloves based upon the research that you guys had put into the design and the feedback
from other bike riders.  I am pleased to say that the Gwi Gloves live up to all the claims made on your internet site and I fully endorse and recommend these gloves to
other bike riders.  I have spent many hours on the bike since wearing these gloves and my hands have never felt better.  I happy to say that I am experiencing over 90%
relief from numbness and pain.  Instead of having to hop off the bike every hour, I can now ride pain free for hours and hours.  The gloves are so good, I will be back for
another pair of gloves to see me through the winter. Thanks.”
Chris C. from Dysart, Queensland, Australia

“I would just like to say I purchased the fingerless leather/spandex motorcycle gloves last summer at the BMW rally in West Bend, WI. As one who has undergone carpal
tunnel surgery on both hands, I must say that was a great investment. I have gone from having to shake out the numbness in my hands every 15 minutes to riding for
hours in comfort. As a BMW rider I don’t hide from the salt on the roads (unlike riders of domestic bikes) but I do prefer not riding in single digit temperatures. That is,
except for the obligatory New Years Day ride. Having to wear my “ordinary” motorcycle gloves on that ride was a disappointment. As soon as the weather starts holding
above 35 I want to ride regularly and the insulated full gauntlet Qwi Gloves will make that much more enjoyable. Thanks for a great product.”
Jim S. from Fond du Lac, WI

“Just want to give you some feedback on the product.  The gloves have done an excellent job of eliminating the "finger tingles"!  I tried riding without them, and got
numbness.  They really do work!  The Spandex gloves are great for the hot weather as they are cool with the air flow.  I love them! Before I purchased your gloves, I made a
"power run" on my new Goldwing from Ft. Myers, Florida to the other side of Atlanta and back.  I put on approximately 1,300 miles in two days. I did not have your gloves at
the time. My thumbs and first two fingers on both hands had severe tingling and numbness.  It lasted for months before it graudally wet away. It was classic carpal tunnel
syndrome. I researched it, and found your web site.  I got your gloves.  I have made similar runs since, and have had absolutely no problem with the tingles or numbness.  
I will not ride without Qwi!  They really work!  Thanks for a great product, and great customer support.”
Doug M. from Cape Coral, FL

“I received the medium gloves (Qwi Nerve Protection Motorcycle Gloves, Full Finger, No Cuff, Perforated Top version). I took a ride with these new gloves and I must say
they work. While I still feel some tingling (at least 80% less), as I have CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome) surgery scheduled in mid-May, I did not once feel the need to remove
my hand from the right grip and stretch my thumb. I love them!”
Gil P. from San Diego, CA

“I have some carpal tunnel issues which result in my hands hurting and "going to sleep", especially my throttle hand. I saw an ad in the latest issue of Wing World for Qwi
nerve protector gloves and thought I would try them out. I am very impressed with what these have done for my hands. I tried them out today and they reduced my problem
by at least 85%. Also, their customer service simply can't be beat. I found the XL a little too big, I called and they had a large pair in the mail that afternoon along with a
mailer to return the other pair. Usual disclaimer as I am in no way affiliated with them but I am a believer that they work. There is a lot of good information on their website
QwiNerveProtector.com.  If you are having those types of problems, I think you will find they help. They also have several styles. Just a little praise for a product that works
plus they are a Wing World supporter.”
Jim B. from Nashville, AR

“Rode 14 miles from Ohio. Was in so much pain was going to change handlebars or grips. Got gloves (Qwi Nerve Protection Motorcycle Gloves), rode for 2 days, no pain.”
Ron C. from Pickerington, OH

“Thanks!!! I received the glove (Partial Finger Qwi Motorcycle Glove with perforated leather top) Friday and yesterday we rode close to 300 miles. I had just a little numbing
in my thumb, but nothing like it was before. You can be sure that I will be recommending these gloves to everyone! Thanks again.”
Roger D. from Holland, MI

“I just wanted to write and let you know how much I LOVE the gloves.  I have been suffering with hand pain and finger numbness.  From the very first ride with your gloves,
the problem is GONE.  I took a 2 hour ride yesterday with NO pain at all.  They are wonderful, and I will be spreading the word.  I will be ordering another pair for my son
tonight, as soon he is home for me to measure his hand for size.  We have a four hour trip planned on the 25th, and I know this will make him more comfortable as well.
Again, thanks so much for you product, and your wonderful customer service.”
Amy S. from Loveland, OH

“These are the BEST gloves and with them and the Throttle Rockers, I no longer have the numbness and my hands no longer go to sleep while riding. I'm buying the 2nd
pair for a friend and I told him, "You will love what these gloves can do for you.” Thanks for being here with this product!!”
Marilyn H. from Hot Springs, AR

“Thank you so much for getting this order out quickly (Partial finger, spandex top style Qwi Motorcycle Gloves). Due to my error I lost my original pair. In not having them
Goldwing riding was not as pleasurable as it should have been. With your gloves in hand I can now enjoy traversing the back roads in comfort. I rode 275 miles on back
roads in New England yesterday and my hands felt great and there was no fatigue or numbness in them. And that was on a 900 pound+ Goldwing. Please feel free to use
my comments as proof that your gloves work as advertised. Thank you for a great product.”
Peter S. from East Hampstead, NH

“Just a quick note to commend you and your product. I have severe carpal tunnel in both wrists and the gloves (All Leather Partial Finger Qwi Motorcycle Gloves) with the U-
shape pads (the patented Qwi Nerve Protection gel pad) are incredible. I would say that about 98% of the pain is no longer present when I ride. Thank you!!! You have a
permanent customer.”
Ronnie H. from Taylor, TX

“Over the last few years I have become increasingly concerned about the numbness in my hands. I’m also a guitar player so surgery has not been an option. I was
researching carpal tunnel syndrome on the Web when I came across Qwi gloves.  I ordered a set and they are amazing. I finally got around to putting my other pair of
padded gloves aside to try my new Qwi gloves yesterday. I am totally amazed with what they did to help the numbness in my hand. Before my ride yesterday my hand
would go numb after only about 20 minutes of riding. Yesterday I did 110 miles, almost a 2 hour ride, with nearly no noticeable numbness in my hand. It is just so
amazing to not have to worry if the numbness in my right hand might cause an issue with controlling my bike. Thank you for a GREAT product. Be sure that I’m spreading
the word about your useful product.”
Rik G. from Boise ID

“Wow... what a terrific product. I bought your full-fingered motorcycle gloves at the International Motorcycle Show in Chicago early this year. Just went riding for the first time
last week... and what a difference right off the bat! Not only did the tingles go away, but an inflamed tendon (or ligament -- I never could get them straight) in my right hand
didn't bother me one bit. I'm going to order the open-fingered style for summer riding pretty soon now. But in the meantime, I cannot recommend your product enough.
Fact is, I'm going to recommend it to several of my motorcycling buddies this coming weekend. No promises, but don't be surprised if there's an uptick in orders from the
Chicago area soon.”
Todd V. from Evanston, IL

“Just want to update you on the QWI gloves I purchased for motorcycling. They are THE BEST, most comfortable gloves I've ever owned. I have a sore nerve "clump" in the
palm of my right hand and was worried -- I've told you this before -- that long rides would be an issue. I just completed a 1600 mile, 3-1/2 day head clearing trip and your
gloves really made it a pleasure. No hand pain or stinging... no tingles... hand never went numb as they used to do. Thanks to you for your good product! Your gloves have
really made a significant difference in my comfort as a rider.”
Todd V. from Evanston, IL

“Won a pair as door prize at rally 3 years ago. Only glove I will wear now.” He wrote this comment when placed an order for a new pair of Qwi Motorcycle Gloves.
Clifford S. from Phoenix, AZ

“I got a chance to get out and ride and try the new gloves (Qwi Partial Finger Motorcycle Gloves with perforated leather top) on Sunday. I must admit that I am impressed.
The difference in my old gloves and the Qwi gloves is almost unbelievable. I would venture to say that the tingling sensation in my right hand was reduced 99%. What a
remarkable difference! Rest assured that I will be buying at least one more pair and telling all my friends about the gloves. I will also be telling the doctor that performed
my carpal tunnel surgery. Wow… what a difference!”
Bill B. From Georgetown, KY

“I first purchased your gloves in Nashville in 2006 at a booth at some rally. The ladies put on a great presentation. AND THEY WORKED. I run a large manufacturing
company and so often, you see BS in ads and presentations trying to hawk their merchandise. It is great to see that there are companies such as yours that deliver what
they represent. I have been riding for over 35 years and fully appreciate the word fatigue. I think I was one of the founding members of the iron butt club. I ride with a bottle
of Motrin within arms reach when the moment strikes. After 45,000 miles it is time for a new pair (of Qwi Motorcycle Gloves). They were marvelous, especially during my
2600 mile ride in 2.5 days cross country. I used to get finger and hand fatique with the other high priced "Brand Name" gloves. My fingers and hands thank you.”
Chuck T. from Summerville, SC

“I received my new gloves (Full finger, no extended cuff Qwi Motorcycle Gloves) today and I am very pleased with them. They are a well made product and they also are very
comfortable. Congratulations for great service from your company.”
Denis O. from British Columbia, Canada

“This will be the third pair and I love them (Qwi Partial Finger Motorcycle Gloves). Having only my right hand with carpal tunnel problems, it is amazing what these do!
Several people from the forum I’m on have gotten them also and love them.”
Roger D. from Holland, MI

“I got to use it (Qwi Motorcycle Glove, partial finger with perforated leather top) on my 2-day, 1350 mile ride home from OKC and not once did I have a problem with my
palm going numb. Good product and such a simple, elegant fix.”
Rob C. from Mechanicsville, VA

“I was looking for a set of gel gloves at the BMW/MOA rally in Johnson City, TN. I happened upon your booth and tried your gloves. I am happy I found your gloves first. I
gave the gloves a real trail when I made a 15 hour, 1050 mile trip back home. I didn’t have my normal numbness and ache that I normally associate with that kind of
distance. I am sold!”
Joe W. from Omaha, NE

Well I finally bought another pair (of Qwi Motorcycle Gloves).  I purchased my first gloves at the 08 ROT Rally in Austin.  I have purshased 2 other gloves (from other
manufacturers) as replacements and each time they went back to the store within 24 hrs as my hands were simply miserable.  My current gloves (Qwi Motorcycle Gloves)
are worn and tattered but just as comfortable as the first day I got them. This time I am purchasing 2 pairs!  Thank you for your awesome product!
John M. from Round Rock, TX

I purchased a pair of your gloves as, my fingers were always going numb.  It was really bad when I had to cruise around town and couldn't use my cruise control.  I just got
back from a round trip from Seattle to the Grand Canyon.  Two weeks on the road and I never ONCE had any problems with numb fingers.  Your gloves really work.  I plan
on ordering a pair for winter riding.......
Richard S. from Issaquah, WA

“I believe that high-quality products bring in customers initially, but great customer ensures that they will return.  You all have certainly exhibited outstanding customer
service to me in this instance and it is very much appreciated.  You can rest assured that I will purchase additional products from you in the future. Incidentally, your gloves
have solved the numbness and tingling problem that I was having in my right hand while riding.  So now I am a believer in what you already knew - these gloves are not
just another gimmick; they do in fact work.”
Walter B. from Tallahassee, FL

“I bought a pair of your gloves at a show in Jackson, MS. They do every thing they are claimed to do and more.  Mine our now worn to shambles, so I am ordering a new
pair. I tell all my friends about your great gloves. Several of the riders in our CMA chapter are now using your gloves.  Thanks for a great product.”
Joe P. from Oak Grove, LA

“I ride a BMW GS Adventure and I constantly had trouble with numbness in my right hand. I received a pair of Qwi Nerve Protection Sport Motorcycle Gloves for Christmas
and went on a two hour ride today with absolutely no tingling or numbness in my hands. I just wanted to say thank you for a great product. Highly recommended.”
Emmet B. from Dallas, TX

“I purchased a pair of these (Qwi Motorcycle Gloves, Full Finger No Cuff style) at Bikes, Blues & BBQ in Fayetteville AR in 09 and what a great product they are, I just love
them. They really do work and I am amazed at how much they help to alleviate the pain and numbness in my hand when riding long distances.”
Renee T. from Broken Arrow, OK

“I bought a pair of the fingerless gloves at the Thunder Beach Rally and wore them on the ride home, during the 300 mile ride home my hands never lost feeling. I will be
posting my satisfaction with your product on our riding club website. Your sales lady at the rally was top notch and very informative on your produce. Thanks.”
David G. from Moody, AL

“Received your product yesterday. Today, slipped the gloves on for the first run. The loop I ran usually ends with a fatigued right hand, due to some nerve damage I
suffered recently, and have just had a “WD-40” injection, which has relieved the pain greatly. The gloves fit perfectly, and worked GREAT. I ride a Sportster and higher
speed saddle time tends to grind on my hands. Great product. This is one of those “Why didn’t I think of that!”  I see miles of enjoyable riding without my hands going
Jim B. from Sedona, AZ

“I was having problems with my right thumb and hand becoming numb during rides. This numbness was happening even during short rides. Since wearing your gloves,
no more numbness. I have been able to ride long rides even twice across the Unites States, one of 4700 miles, one of 5200 miles have had no hand numbness.”
Robert W. from Jonesboro, GA

“My husband recently picked up a beautiful Harley Davidson Sportster 883 for me.  I took the riders safety course and passed my driving test.   Unfortunately, I suffer from
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and was having real issues after just a few miles, especially braking and throttling with my right hand.  On several occasions, I even had to
cross over and turn on my right turn signal with my left hand (not a good idea).  I was very discouraged and thought that I would either have to quit riding my bike or find
one with less vibration and/or “softer” clutch and brake handles.   I even considered getting the Carpel Tunnel surgery. I did a Google search for Carpel Tunnel Gloves,
and I found Qwi gloves!  I purchased the full leather gloves (without gauntlet), and I can’t believe the difference I am experiencing.  When I feel a little numbness, I simply
rest the gel pad on the throttle and get instant relief.  I was afraid that I was good for 20 miles or less.  Last night I did 60 miles with little or no numbness.  These gloves
are amazing!!!!  We also do a great deal of snowmobiling in the winter in northern Wisconsin.  This past season I did a 314 mile ride in Northern Michigan, and I thought
my right hand would fall off!  I can’t wait to see how my Qwi gloves help with driving a sled… especially with the “thumb” throttle.”
Belinda A. from Waterford, WI

“First off I want to say how much I like your product because I do in fact have nerve damage in my left palm and fingers. Received the replacement gloves the other day and
already put 500 + miles on them. These gloves absolutely perform as advertised. Thanks for the awesome product and especially your customer service. I will continue to
spread the word!”
Buz R. from Randleman NC

“I purchased a pair of your fingerless gloves at the Wing Ding in Nashville, TN a few years ago. Both of my hands would sort of go to sleep after only about 30 minutes of
riding, but after using your gloves, my hands very rarely ever have any problems. We just returned from a 10,027 mile, 4 week, motorcycle trip from SE Texas to Anchorage,
AK and back. I used your gloves the entire way and my hands never went to sleep. The only time I did not use your gloves was when the temperature got down in the 30's
and I had to put on something that was warmer. I now am considering purchasing the full fingered version for the cooler rides. Thanks for a great product.”
Foster R. from Magnolia, TX

“Purchased first pair (Partial finger spandex top Qwi Motorcycle Gloves) at Wing Ding in Nashville, Tn. Very well made and cool. Back for another pair including a pair for
my wife.”
Harold N. from Whitesboro, TX

“I just test rode my Motorcycle gloves full finger #FMNC002 and I have to tell you they are nothing less than amazing.  I have terrible hands from the hair industry, carpal,
and other problems and after a full afternoon of riding I did not have to remove my hands and shake even once.  No stiffness after the ride either. I also noticed a few hrs
after the ride my hands felt excellent much looser and relaxed. I believe that allowing the blood to flow un constricted has actually improved my hands health. I highly
recommend this product for any biker, driver , trucker etc that have problems with their hands.  Thank God for this product and its inventor.”
Rich W. from Palm Beach, FL

“I've had a pair of Qwi motorcycle gloves for two years. I love that when I ride I have hardly any tingling in my fingers. I never have to shake and slap my hand on my thigh to
try to get the feeling back in my throttle hand! One of my gloves was lost and I need another ASAP so I can ride safe again. Thanks for a great product! I do appreciate a
quality product like yours that does what it states it will do, wears well, and lasts a long time. Thank you again.”
Kathleen G. from Bishop, TX

“This is my second pair of gloves that I order from Qwi. It makes all the difference in the world. Before I had those gloves, my hands were hurting pretty bad. Now all the
hurt is gone. Thanks.”
Robert L. from Outremont, Quebec Canada

“Bought a pair of your gloves (Qwi Motorcycle Gloves) at the International Motorcycle show in Chicago. Love them, now want a pair for summer riding.”
Vicky T. from Neenah, WI

“I bought a pair of (Qwi) motorcycle gloves and highly recommend them. I suffered from numbness every time I rode my cycle, but now I have NONE. They do what they say
they do. Great product!!
David F. from Fitchburg, WI

“A couple of months ago I found your on line site about your gloves that help with numbness of the hands. As my wife and I ride a motorcycle (Trike) every chance we get, I
had to find something that would allow me to handle the motorcycle for long periods of time without my hands going numb. By the way I have had numb hand off and on
for years after a neck fusion in 1975. First I tried to follow your directions regarding the sizing, but they still came too small, but your excellent customer service replaced
them with a larger size within just a few days, no questions asked. At first when I used them I still had numbness but I persisted and continued to wear the gloves while
driving the motorcycle. Now about two months later, (I assume healing time) my wife and I took the Americas 911 Ride which took us to the three sites that were attacked
on Sept 11, over a four day ride period. I didn't realize it until we were heading home from New York City (Ground Zero) back to Pennsylvania, that I had not had any numb
fingers or hands during the entire trip. I noticed because I realized I was not taking my hands off the handle bars and shaking them to get feeling back in them. Thank you
QWI for your outstanding gloves, I will be buying again, and I am recommending them to everyone who will listen to me.”
Rev Tom & Mrs Loretta C. from Willow Street, PA

“As I’m not a daily rider I’ve not had an opportunity to try the smaller gloves until this weekend. They are a better fit for my hands and, more importantly, I would suggest that
they have completely resolved my issues with carpal tunnel. I will be recommending Qwi gloves to my friends and will tell them about your friendly customer service in
dealing with my concern.”
Davide G. from Canberra, Australia

“I’ve been using Qwi gloves (Full Finger Qwi Motorcycle Gloves with gauntlet) for years. They are the BEST. I ride many thousands of miles a year and Qwi gloves save me
every year!”
William from Texas

“I have been using your glove (Qwi Motorcycle Gloves) since 2007 and have rode over 80,000 miles with them and they are the best. My hands do not get fatigued anymore
on my long hauls since I have been wearing them. One trip was 2460 miles in 2.5 days and they are awesome.”
Chuck T. from Gadsden, AL

“I love your gloves (Partial Finger Qwi Motorcycle Gloves with spandex top) and have used them for years, sure do make my riding more enjoyable as with arthritis in my
hand. Super comfy and great on my hands. Thanks again for a great glove.”
Daniel K. from Lorain, OH

“I just bought a pair of the spandex top, full finger MC gloves at the BMW rally in Sedalia. I rode 1500 miles home with them and experienced no tingling or numbness!
This in the sharp contrast to my ride out and daily commutes where (prior to these gloves) I had to constantly adjust my grip and monitor my right hand position to prevent
the tingling.”
Ron D. from Bethlehem, CT

“56 and first year of riding a motorcycle. It has been a blast but I started to have my throttle hand go numb after about 30 minutes. Got info about your gloves on a Harley
forum when I searched “numb hands.” I have had them a few weeks and not once have I experienced a numb hand. Much thanks!!”  Steve S. wrote this to us after wearing
Qwi full finger motorcycle gloves and also Qwi partial finger gloves with spandex tops.
Steve S. from Iowa City, IA

“Thank you. I have 1 gauntlet and 1 fingerless (Qwi Motorcycle Gloves) that I bought at Americiade from you 3-4 years ago—absolutely love these gloves. They are best
gloves I have used and owned in 40 years of riding.”
Rick M. from Southborough, MA

“I purchased a pair of your fingerless perforated top motorcycle gloves last summer as I was diagnosed with ulnar nerve compression as well as carpal tunnel syndrome
(starting) and was getting pain and tingling in my hands. I used the gloves while running chainsaw clearing over an acre of ground, running dozer pulling cable and
chokers skidding the timber to the landing, bucking up four (4) cord of firewood, running excavator to move 12000 yards of material to make a lawn. Your gloves are
TOUGH. They lasted until just this past week when I was wedging over a large dead pine (the middle pad blew out). I will always own a pair of your gloves and just
ordered my 4th pair. Thank you for such a good product. These lasted longer than my “work” gloves.”
Michael G. from Charlestown, NH

“After riding 5 hours in 2007 to bike rally, hands were numb. While walking around found your booth. Tried and bought 2 pair of gloves same day. Next days ride was great!
Hands felt good and there was no numbness. Have been using for 5 years now. Wore them out. Next long ride is 07/13. Just ordered 2 new pair. It’s a great product.
Darron K. from Denham Springs, LA

“I just returned from a 600 mile motorcycle ride over 2 days and wow—no more numb right hand or arm! I usually have to take my hand off the throttle and shake my arm
by my side for a minute every hour or more in order to get feeling back into it and for the numbness and tingling to stop. I didn’t have to do this once on the whole trip with
your gloves (Qwi Full Finger, No Extended Cuff, Perforated Leather Top Motorcycle Gloves). My riding buddy was with me on the recent ride and commented that he
noticed that I wasn’t holding my arm down and shaking and squeezing my right hand to get rid of the numbness.”
Brent W. from South Victoria, Australia

“I just received the first pair (Qwi Full Finger, No Extended Cuff, Perforated Leather Top Motorcycle Gloves) I ordered and they WORK GREAT! Thanks you so much! I just
began riding a motorcycle again after 20 years of not, and I thought I would have to quit because my hands were getting so numb I could not feel the throttle and brakes,
which is quite dangerous while riding. Other gloves I tried did not help. The pair I just got from you works wonderfully to reduce the numbness in my hands.”
John S. from Oklahoma City, OK

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the gloves. I had ordered a pair a few weeks ago and then called to say I need to get a smaller size but needed them quickly because
I was leaving in 3 days for a cross country trip. As the gentleman I spoke with promised, they were delivered the morning I left. Well, I returned this weekend, 5000 plus
mile and NEVER a tingle in any hand. These gloves are incredible. I have recommended these gloves to several of my motorcycle dealer clients. Not sure if you supply
retail but these gloves need to be on every hand that twists a throttle. Personally I think that if you ride, no matter what you ride these gloves should be part of your gear.”
Jeff S. from Manitowoc, WI

“I have been using your gloves (Qwi Motorcycle Gloves) for years now and I won’t get on my bike unless I am wearing them. They are fantastic and they really make riding
a pleasure to be totally enjoyed without the pins and needles. Thank you for your excellent product has given me many enjoyable riding days with the ability to be able to
spend up to twelve hours in the saddle enjoying my passion.”
Paul H. from Queensland, Australia

"Hi. I would just like to tell you how unbelievable your gloves are. I just received them and went for a ride. My throttle hand world go numb if I had a constant ride for about
10-15 minutes. I rode for 2 hours and my hand did not go numb once. I literally can't believe it. I thought I would need surgery and all I needed was your gloves. Thank you
very much. Now I can enjoy my rides much more."
Michael F. from Johnston, RI

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Qwi Motorcycle Glove Testimonials
“The full gloves with gauntlet work great! I just completed a 6 week, 10,000 mile ride around the country, so I gave them a real
thorough test!. I should mention that your gloves were more than just a convenience. The cruise control went out on my Harley
Davidson Ultra Classic when I was in California and I was unable to have it successfully repaired. Normally, I can't ride for more
than a short time without resting my hand. If I didn't have your glove, that last 3000 miles would have been difficult! Thanks again
for your fine product.”
Hugh L. from Charles Town, WV

“My right hand consistently went to sleep especially in downtown traffic riding. My problem has all but been eliminated! Thanks.”
She experienced 95% reduction of her right hand pain and numbness after while wearing Qwi Motorcycle Gloves.
Melinda J. from Longmont, CO

“After purchasing and using your motorcycle gloves for what I consider a substantial trial of 2,500 miles, I must say they work as
advertised. I estimate my pain relief of at least 80%. Nothing else I have tried has even come close to the pain and numbness
relief I have felt with the Qwi gloves. I can now ride comfortably all day without any hand problems. Thank you for a great
motorcycle product.”
Jim T. from Hales Corners, WI

“Really like the feel and comfort. And, I do feel a difference when riding.” He reports 80% reduction of his hand numbness when
riding with Qwi Motorcycle Gloves.
Ernest C. from W. Boothbay Harbor, ME

“Aside from the nerve protection, these are soft, comfortable gloves.” He experienced 80% less hand pain and numbness while
riding with Qwi Motorcycle Gloves.
Paul S. from Westminster, CO