What's special about Qwi Nerve Protection Sport Motorcycle Gloves?
  • These gloves were designed with the input and hands-on testing of a motorcycle racing instructor
  • Anatomically designed by an orthopedic surgeon
  • Patented solid gel nerve protection pads to help prevent and treat hand pain and numbness (see above description and graphics)
  • Racing glove protective features incorporated into a glove for street use. These gloves are designed for all motorcycle riders who
    want more hand protection than afforded by standard motorcycle gloves.
  • Double layer of cow leather over the entire top of the hand and top of fingers, on the palm ( except the fingers which have a single
    layer of leather for flexibility and maximum tactile feedback), and around the entire gauntlet
  • Impact absorbing, closed cell foam of varying thickness over the tops of the thumb, all fingers, the entire top of the hand, and around
    the entire gauntlet
  • Closed cell foam is thinner over the fingers to provide optimal finger flexibility
  • Closed cell foam is thicker over the top of the hand and around the gauntlet to provide maximal protection
  • Closed cell foam is divided into separate sections on top of the hand for greater flexibility
  • The solid gel nerve protection pad in the palm extends farther to the base of the palm than in other QwiTM Gloves to provide more
    crash protection
  • No external seams in order to protect stitching in case of a crash thereby reducing the risk of seam blowout
  • Double straps with hook and loop closures to aid with glove retention
  • Precurved fingers for comfort
  • Extended gauntlet to accommodate the sleeves of riding jackets inside. Helps keep air and bugs from going up the jacket sleeves
  • Left index finger rubber visor wiper blade
  • Reflective piping on the top of the glove to enhance low light and night time visibility

What's not included in Qwi Gloves?
  • Lack of any hard materials or armor since these materials can fracture or split on impact creating potentially dangerous, injury-
    producing, sharp piercing objects. Instead of hard materials, hand protection is provided by impact absorbing closed cell foam
    encased between two layers of leather. We have spoken with many riders who like having hard armor protection on their gloves. But,
    we did not include any hard material in these gloves at the advise of our motorcycle racing instructor because of the potential for
    injury if these materials pierce the leather and hand upon impact. You can read a similar opinion about carbon fiber knuckle pads on
    the following web page of Lee Parks, a well respected manufacturer of motorcycle gloves: http://www.leeparksdesign.com/. You can
    also find reference to hard plastic armor slicing through leather on impact in articles on the following web pages: http://home.clara.
    net/survivalskills/hiprotech.htm and http://www.soundrider.com/archive/safety-skills/crash_padding-pt1.htm.
  • No KevlarR. Some riders requested that KevlarR be included for protection in our gloves. KevlarR is highly cut resistant, has high tensile
    strength, and it is very resistant to high temperatures. Most KevlarR used in protective clothing is of the loose or open weave type
    making the weave vulnerable to destruction in a fall off a motorcycle. Pure KevlarR fabric is actually much less resistant to abrasion
    than CorduraR nylon. KevlarR fibers are less elastic than CorduraR nylon fibers so they will tear once they reach their tensile limit when
    dragged along pavement in a fall. Under these circumstances. CorduraR nylon fibers will stretch and then snap back into the weave
    rather than tear. Some materials are blended 1/3 KevlarR with LycraR and nylon in order to provide greater elasticity, but this reduces
    its resistance to high temperatures so it can melt under high frictional heat.

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QwiTM Nerve Protection Sport Motorcycle Glove
Qwi Nerve Protection Sport Motorcycle Glove
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Most gloves include padding placed directly over the two
major hand nerves. Grip related pressure and vibration are
transmitted through these pads to the underlying nerves.
Patented solid gel Qwi Nerve Protection Pads are located
peripheral to the two major nerves to
divert pressure and
vibration away from the nerves.