QwiTM Nerve Protection Professional Driving Glove
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"Treat your hands to a pair of QwiTM Driving Gloves. You
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TM Gloves are a cost effective solution for the treatment
and prevention of
carpal tunnel syndrome and Guyon's
  • Reduces lost time
  • Cuts medical expenses
  • Keeps drivers on the road and out of the doctor’s office
  • Controls workers compensation insurance premiums
  • Effective for prevention and treatment of nerve injuries

QwiTM Driving Glove Benefits For Professional Drivers
Designed by an orthopedic surgeon, QwiTM gloves protect drivers from hand pain and numbness caused by nerve compression injuries. They offer:
  • Median and ulnar nerve protection to prevent hand pain and numbness
  • Special, patented, nerve pressure avoidance system allows you to drive in comfort
  • Comfortable, durable materials to minimize replacement costs
  • Premium pig skin leather palm is strong, flexible, and breathable. Prevents palm calluses and skin irritation from the steering wheel
  • Double layer of material in the grip area for better wear resistance
  • Spandex top keeps your hand cool. Its elasticity provides a form fit
  • Hook and loop closure wrist strap allows for an adjustable fit
  • Washable. For the professional driver who will wear the gloves extensively
  • Anatomically designed based on proven orthopedic principles

Professional Driver Nerve Injury Study
A study was conducted where 740 professional drivers were given QwiTM Nerve Protection Driving Gloves to wear for one month. Prior to wearing the QwiTM Driving
Gloves, 59% of drivers said they had hand pain and 71% said they had hand numbness while driving. After one month of wearing Qwi
TM Driving Gloves, 76% of
symptomatic drivers said they experienced numbness relief (61% numbness reduction) and 77% experienced pain reduction (59% reduction).
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details of the study.

QwiTM Driving Glove Enhancements Based Upon Input From Professional Drivers
QwiTM products are truly customer-driven solutions to real-life problems, so customer input is considered to be of the utmost importance. Over 740 professional
truck drivers who wore Qwi
TM Nerve Protection Driving Gloves were surveyed and asked how they felt the gloves could be made even better. Numerous
enhancements have been made to the Qwi
TM Driving Gloves based upon their suggestions. Here is a list of some of these improvements:
  • The new pig skin leather palm material was added to provide better durability and better grip
  • The wrist strap has been lengthened for all glove sizes to accommodate larger wrists
  • An Extra-Extra-Large size glove has been added. Previously, Extra-Large was the largest size
  • Extra-Extra-Small, Small and Medium sizes have been added
  • The finger holes have been enlarged
  • The nerve protection pads have been enlarged and extend further toward the base of the palm
  • A full-finger version of the glove has been added. The original glove only provided partial finger coverage

Comments From Professinal Truckdrivers About QwiTM Driving Gloves
John G. said he experienced 85%  reduction of hand pain and 90% reduction of hand numbness "after about 10 days, but could feel difference same day (that he
began wearing his Qwi
TM Nerve Protection Driving Gloves)."
John G. from Arkoma, OK
Professional truck driver for 50 years

Pam G. experienced 80% reduction of her hand pain and numbness after wearing Qwi
TM Driving Gloves. She says, "These are great! We've needed something like
this for a long time."
Pam G. from Prinston, KS
Professional truck driver for 9 years

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QwiTM Satisfaction Guarantee
All QwiTM Gloves are backed by a "No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee." With the QwiTM Satisfaction Guarantee, you can try QwiTM Gloves risk-free!

Ergonomics & Exercises
You can learn tips on how to reduce driving related hand pain and numbness at the "Ergonomics & Exercises" page of the QwiTM web site.
Click here to buy QwiTM Nerve Protection Professional Driving Gloves. They are available in Partial Finger and Full Finger versions.
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Click here to buy QwiTM Nerve Protection
Professional Driving Gloves. They are available in
Partial Finger and Full Finger versions.
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