Hand Nerve Injury And Motorcycle Riding
The Qwi Team has spoken with many motorcycle riders. A large number of motorcycle riders complain of hand pain,
numbness, and tingling resulting from gripping the handle bars of their motorcycles. Road and engine vibration is transferred to
the nerves of the hand through the handle bars. Gripping the handle bars places pressure directly over the nerves of the hand.
Nerve injury can result in
carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and/or Guyon's canal syndrome.

A study of motorcycle riders by Manes found through history, physical exam, and electrodiagnostic testing that CTS was present
in both hands in 8%, in the right hand in 30%, and in the left hand in 12% (Manes H. "Prevalence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in
Motorcyclists. Orthopedics. 35 (5): 399-400. May 2012).

An European study of Enduro motorcycle racers found that almost 50% of riders had pain or numbness/tingling in their hands.
CTS was present in the left hand in 32% and in the right hand in 43% of riders after a second run (Sabeti-Aschraf M, Serek M,
Pachtner T, Auner K, Machinek M, Geisier M, Goll A. "The Enduro motorcyclist's wrist and other overuse injuries in competitive
Enduro motorcyclists: a prospective study. Scand J Med Sci Sports. 18 (5): 582-590. Oct 2008).

A Japanese study of traffic police motorcyclists found that 19% of riders had finger numbness. The researchers found an
increased rate of hand symptoms was associated with greater cumulative vibration exposure of the hands over time (Mirbod
SM, Yoshida H, Jamali M, Masamura K, Inaba R, Iwata H. "Assessment of hand-arm vibration exposure among traffic police
motorcyclists." Int Arch Occup Environ Health. 40 (1): 22-28. 1997).

Standard Motorcycle Gloves Do Not Remove Pressure Or Vibration From The Nerves
Standard motorcycle gloves are not specifically designed for nerve protection. Some gloves have no padding. Other gloves
simply place padding in a random configuration, usually directly over the nerves of the hand. The problem with these gloves is
that pressure and vibration is transferred through the pads directly to the underlying median and ulnar nerves of the hand. In
fact, a study found that a glove with gel padding over the median nerve did not provide protection from carpal tunnel syndrome
induced by compression (Deltombe T, Theys S, Jamart J, Valet F Kolanowski E, Hanson P. "Protective effect of glove on median
nerve compression in the carpal tunnel." Spinal Cord. 29: 215-222. 2001).
Qwi Motorcycle Gloves incorporate the same Qwi Solution for nerve protection as Qwi Nerve Protection Driving Gloves. The Qwi Solution has been
proven effective for reduction of hand pain and numbness in a study of over 740 professional drivers (
click here for details of the study).

The Qwi Solution places special, patented, soft gel pads peripheral to the two major nerves of the hand to divert pressure and vibration away from these
nerves. It serves to help prevent and treat
carpal tunnel syndrome and Guyon's canal syndrome.
Qwi Motorcycle Glove Styles
  • Partial Finger version with leather palm and spandex top for warm weather riding
  • Partial Finger version, all leather
  • Partial Finger version, all leather, perforated leather top
  • Full Finger version with no extended cuff, all leather
  • Full Finger version with no extended cuff, all leather, perforated leather top
  • Full Finger version, leather palm, spandex top
  • Full Finger version, extended cuff, all leather
  • Full Finger version, extended cuff, all leather, lightly insulated for cool weather. These gloves are not designed for really cold weather riding.
  • Designing insulated gloves involves a tradeoff between warmth and flexibility/bulk. Gloves can be made super warm, but those gloves are thick and bulky
    with relatively stiff fingers. Lighter weight insulated gloves are more flexible and comfortable, but they are not as warm. QwiTM insulated gloves are of the
    lighter variety and offer maximal flexibility and comfort, but they will not provide sufficient warmth in temperatures below 50 degrees for most riders.
  • Full Finger Sport Motorcycle Glove. Offers maximum crash protection.
  • All styles come in sizes XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL

Qwi Motorcycle Glove Benefits For Riders
  • Anatomically designed by an orthopedic surgeon
  • Effective for prevention and treatment of nerve injuries related to motorcycle riding
  • Special, patented, nerve pressure avoidance system allows you to ride in comfort. Protects nerves from pressure and vibration
  • Prevents palm skin irritation from gripping handlebars
  • Comfortable, durable materials to minimize replacement costs
  • Special, premium pig skin leather chosen because it is washable, water resistant, durable, soft, and flexible
  • Full Finger Gloves feature an extended cuff to go over a coat sleeve keeping cold air out.
  • Soft, comfortable, protective, solid gel used for the nerve protection pads and also for a metacarpal pad with extensions into the fingers
  • Adjustable wrist closure allows you to customize your fit

Here's What Motorcycle Riders Say About Their Qwi Motorcycle Gloves
“My right hand consistently went to sleep especially in downtown traffic riding. My problem has all but been eliminated! Thanks.” She experienced 95%
reduction of her right hand pain and numbness after wearing Qwi Motorcycle Gloves.
Melinda J. from Longmont, CO

“After purchasing and using your motorcycle gloves for what I consider a substantial trial of 2,500 miles, I must say they work as advertised. I estimate my
pain relief of at least 80%. Nothing else I have tried has even come close to the pain and numbness relief I have felt with the Qwi gloves. I can now ride
comfortably all day without any hand problems. Thank you for a great motorcycle product.”
Jim T. from Hales Corners, WI

Click here to read comments from other motorcycle riders.

Qwi Motorcycle Glove Enhancements Based Upon Input From Motorcycle Riders
QwiTM products are truly customer-driven solutions to real-life problems, so customer input is considered to be of the utmost importance. Numerous
enhancements have been made to the Qwi
TM Motorcycle Gloves and new glove styles have been designed based upon suggestions from riders. Here is a list of
some of these improvements and new glove styles:
  • The original two separate solid gel nerve protection pads were modified into a single, larger U-shaped pad to provide more surface area
  • A new solid gel pad was added to the thumb's gripping surface
  • Full finger glove styles were modified to include "precurved" fingers
  • The V-shaped wrist opening was moved from the top of the glove to the small finger side of the glove to reduce skin sun exposure
  • Double stitching was added to all seams and around the gel pads for greater strength
  • Pull tabs were added to the ends of the index, long, and ring fingers to facilitate removal of partial finger glove styles
  • Perforated leather tops in partial finger and full finger styles were created for better ventilation
  • A spandex top full finger style was created
  • A Sport Motorcycle Glove was designed including numerous hand protection features including double layers of cow leather, closed cell foam padding on
    top of the glove and around the gauntlet, an extended gauntlet, an extended solid gel nerve protection pad to protect the proximal palm, additional open cell
    foam in the palm, adjustable double straps to aid with glove retention, rubber visor wiper blade, reflective piping to enhance night time visibility

Qwi Satisfaction Guarantee
All Qwi Gloves are backed by a "No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee." With the Qwi Satisfaction Guarantee, you can try Qwi Gloves risk-free!

Tips for reducing hand pain and numbness while motorcycle riding
You can learn tips on how to reduce motorcycle riding related hand pain and numbness at the "Ergonomics & Exercises" page of the Qwi web site.

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